Membership in the Georgia Crop Production Alliance – what’s in it for me and my company?

The Georgia Crop Production Alliance (GCPA) is an organization that brings together members of the various parts of the agricultural crop protection business to:

  1. Take part in industry-wide discussions on issues of importance to the health of the total business.
  2. Provide continuing education opportunities for our members with up-to-date and forward-looking speakers and topics at the annual meeting.
  3. Assure the future of the agriculture industry in Georgia by providing scholarships to outstanding students of agriculture at various colleges and universities in the state.
  4. Give participants exposure to other aspects of the industry with interface opportunities with other organizations and people in the agriculture business on the state and national level.
  5. Provide networking and fellowship opportunities for our members at our annual golf tournament and the sporting clay event.

To become a GCPA member, please complete the online membership form.

GCPA Membership Dues



Georgia Crop Production Alliance
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