Fundraising Events

The Georgia Crop Production Alliance sponsors two fundraisers each year. Monies raised are used to promote and advocate the mission of the organization.

The mission of the GCPA:

  1. To promote, foster and encourage the significance of the crop production industry as Georgia’s most important industry.
  2. To promote safe, environmentally sound, and efficient crop management practices that preserve the natural resources of Georgia.
  3. To cooperate with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and governmental agencies in improving agronomic efficiency that promotes stewardship of the environment.
  4. To promote cooperation and high ethical standards in the crop production industry.
  5. To educate and inform the public of the value and role that efficient and safe crop production plays in wellness and quality of life.
  6. To advise, assist and cooperate with state and federal legislative, regulatory and administrative agencies in developing progressive policies, laws and rules that enable profitability but protect human health and the environment.
Georgia Crop Production Alliance
335 Bussey Road
Sycamore, GA 31790