Georgia Farmers

Agriculture contributes more than $71.1 billion annually to Georgia’s economy!

Helping to Grow Georgia's Future

Georgia produces 2.5 million bales of cotton with an estimated market value of $1.2 billion!

Georgia Peanuts

Georgia produces more than 50% of peanuts used in the production of peanut butter!

About the GCPA

The Georgia Crop Production Alliance – GCPA – is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to improving the efficiency and profitability of crop production. Members include representatives from agrichemical companies, distributors, dealers, crop consultants, universities, college and various government agencies.

The mission of the GCPA is:

  1. To promote, foster and encourage the significance of the crop production industry as Georgia’s most important industry.
  2. To promote safe, environmentally sound, and efficient crop management practices that preserve the natural resources of Georgia.
  3. To cooperate with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and governmental agencies in improving agronomic efficiency that promotes stewardship of the environment.
  4. To promote cooperation and high ethical standards in the crop production industry.
  5. To educate and inform the public of the value and role that efficient and safe crop production plays in wellness and quality of life.
  6. To advise, assist and cooperate with state and federal legislative, regulatory and administrative agencies in developing progressive policies, laws and rules that enable profitability but protect human health and the environment.

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August 25, 2022
  • SE Georgia Sporting Clays
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September 27, 2022
  • Golf Tournament
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October 26, 2022
  • GCPA Annual Meeting
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GCPA News & Notes

Houston County Clean Day

Houston County Clean Day

Georgia Clean Day is a program that gives everyone an opportunity to discard old, unusable, or cancelled pesticides to a hazardous waste contractor for disposal.

Pesticides in leaking containers or disposed of improperly may cause environmental damage by contaminating water supplies or harming people and wildlife. Some pesticides that have been used in the past are now in need of proper disposal.

Participation in the Clean Day Program remains free of charge to all private and commercial applicators with the understanding that the event is designed / intended for farmers, lawn care, golf courses, and pest control companies.

The Georgia Department of Agriculture will require pre-registration for this event by April 28, 2022. For more information about the event, please contact your local extension agent, visit the Georgia Department of Agriculture’s website, contact Rick Hayes, coordinator for the event at or Office: 404-656-4958  |  Cell: 404-535-1614.

2021 7th Annual Sporting Clay Wrapup

2021 7th Annual Sporting Clay Wrapup

The Georgia Crop Production Alliance (GCPA) held the 7th annual (almost) Sporting Clay event and fund raiser on Aug. 26, 2021. It was held at Bay Gall Sporting Clays in Rocky Ford, GA. We had 45 shooters including 2 teams from CCA in Douglas, GA. It was a typically...